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                                                                                                                     Artist Statement
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I am a self-taught photographic artist who has an incurable passion for using the camera for interpretation of self and world that has lasted over thirty five years. I have not outgrown my love to play in dirt. I love horses and owned two. Although I’m not fond of rainy days I will step in puddles to make a splash. Old trucks, motorcycles and cars interest me and I am a little sentimental about tail fins. My love of history inspires me to collect antiquated items that have emotional value. I have had a darkroom since the beginning of my passion with Photography and still use it. 


Born and raised on my grandparents farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, hints of my life’s experiences are seen throughout my projects.  I am driven to create images to explain myself, who I am and what I experience.  I express visually what my imagination seems to explore in time or space or while my sub-conscious works overtime, while other image concepts are captive in portions of my past hidden to me until the perfect time to blossom.


I utilize historic photographic processes with a primacy toward Wet Plate Collodion tintypes. In addition, I also employ the use of black and white film as well as some digital capture to express certain quality and character for my images.


As a storyteller and documentarian inspiration can materialize in the simplest of ways; after reading a statement from the words my grandmother inscribed in her diaries, a child’s drawing, photojournalistic journey to find a sense of place and spirit or remembrance of an unfinished dream.  The photographic image, kindled from my memory, experience and exploration, with elements of mystery and hints of ambiguity both past and present is how I tell my stories.


Some have described my work as, "Thought provoking," R. Wojtowich, “Simplistic Beauty,” S. Hershey and “Intimate Images,” C. Kerne and “Very delicate and extremely fine work,” stated by R. Lowing.

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