Barbara J. Dombach                        antiquary photographic processes
  "Collective Sojourn"  Alternative and Historic Photographic Art -  by Barbara J. Dombach is a  masterfully designed 7" X 7"  80 page full-color interior, soft cover perfect bound edition containing 75 images created by using alternative and historic photographic methods.  As a tribute to my journey thus far I have included; Wet-Plate Collodion Alumitype, Dry Plate Collodion, Black & White Silver Gelatin, Hand-Painted Black & White Silver Gelatin and Platinum/Palladium.   Beginning each method section is a brief explanation of my technique to assist and aid in understanding that process. Numerous images exemplifying that process are on the pages that follow. End notes listing additional sources and suppliers are also included.  

  I have worked with alternative and historic photographic methods for nearly 20 years and there are many who describe my art as Antiquarian.  For me these methods offer hands on relationship deeply encouraged by thought and truly coordinated by the artist's hand.  A creative energy  that digital photographic method does not seem to fulfill for me. 


 As a traditional photographic artist I use a verity of  camera's to capture images on film.  In "Collective Sojourn" I have included images created by using my toy plastic Holga  and pinhole images created by using my medium format camera and my 4" X 5" field camera with homemade pinhole.  Using my skills gained many years ago as a painter utilizing opaque oils and acrylics I apply photographic oils to many of my black and white silver gelatin images creating small unique works that bear a stylish old and subtle look.  Many of these works are included in this unique small gem titled  "Collective Sojourn." 

Signed Edition - $29.95  USA includes Priority Mail shipment for per copy.  

Signed Edition - $39.95 US dollars Includes Priority Mail shipment to Canada, Mexico and all other countries per copy                                                                                                                         Money Order preferred (Personal check requires waiting for clearance)

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