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                                                                                                    Midway Merriments - Statement

     Tent Top          NIGHT       Tilt A Whirl

My favorite is the merry-go-round where, as a child I always would ride the large beautiful stallion on the outside of the platform. After claiming the steed I would then lean as far right as I could with an outstretched arm with my hand posed in hopes that my fingers were able to a grab a brass ring and be rewarded a free ride.  For a kid growing up in the late 50’s the midway was an experience that my family was not always able to afford.  I miss those days and often wish I had had a camera in my hands then. 


Part documentary, part re-discovery the Midway Merriments in conjunction with town fairs has been an ongoing project for many years.  It revisits those memories of place and time and offers me an opportunity to experience through watching others, all the adventure and excitement I once experienced but now no longer can take part in.


Over the years I have come to know many of the amusement owners and have visited the place where the rides sleep for the winter.  I have traveled around south-eastern Pennsylvania, New York and into Northern Maine documenting the midway, large and small.  I have attended what I consider to be the smallest midway and town fair in North-Western Maine to the oldest town fair in Pennsylvania.


The midway and town fairs project is characterized by two different moods, the day which offers a much more relaxed experience to that of the night, which is charismatic, mesmerizing and crowded.  So different in some towns that I felt these two dispositions would be better enjoyed as two separate portfolios.

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