Barbara J. Dombach                                   antiquary photographic processes

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SPE    Society for Photographic Education

Alternative Photography     Ultimate information source for Alternative Photography Methods

f295      Organization exploring 21st Century Photography

Unblinking Eye     Alternative Photographic methods info managed by Ed Buffaloe. "Austin Alternative Process group"  

Photo Review        Organization and Newsletter serving the Mid-Atlantic, New York and California area



Mark & France Scully Osterman     Workshops & "The Wet Plate Process, A working Guide"

Will Dunniway      "The Wet Collodion Plate - 16 Steps to making The Plates" and workshops

Kerik Kouklis       Wet Plate, Platinum/Palladium & Gum 

John Coffer     "Camp Tintype"  "The Doers Guide"

Christoper James    Artist and Author - "the Book of Alternative Photographic Processes"

Jill Enfield     Artist and Author - "Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes Popular Historic & Contemporary Techniques"

Quinn B. Jacobson    Artist & Author - "Chemical Pictures the Wet Plate Collodion Book"

Tom Persinger    Artist & Author - "Photography Beyond Techniques Essays from f295"

Gerald Figal   Founder of "Collodion Bastards" Wet Plate Work of Questionable Parentage"  Encourages work beyond traditional

David Michael Kennedy      Platinum/Palladium One on One workshops at his home in El Rito, NM.

Craig J. Barber      Teaches workshops in PT-Pd and Wet Plate Collodion Photography

Michelle Bates      Artist & Author "Plastic Camera's"

John Benigno    Black and White photographic Artist



Artcraft Chemicals        Largest source of Photographic chemicals

Bostick-Sullivan      Kits, chemicals and workshops for the creative photographer   

Photographers Formulary      Kits, chemicals and workshops  for the creative photographer

Harrys Pro Shop   Toronto, Canada based click on "Surfer's Paradise" contains over 1600 photographic links, new & used equipment



Diffusion Magazine       highlights and celebrates unconventional photographic processes and photo related artwork

the Hand Magazine       Forum for innovative and experimental uses of reproduction-based media. 

Photo Technique Magazine      Covering analog, digital and alternative methods

View Camera Magazine      Everything concerning large format camera work

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